Great American Beer Festival 2006

Once again we are going to the GABF. Like last year James Spencer and I are heading to Denver to cover the GABF for his podcast Basic Brewing Radio. We have made contacts and scheduled interviews with some famous names in the brewing world. This year should be even better than last years GABF which was a blast. I plan on blogging and snapping photos with my phone along the way. Come along if you like...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Our first evening in Denver.

Well we headed to one of the oldest brew pubs in the country for the first evening, The Bull and Bush Pub and Brewery. Our guide in Colorado, Brian Warren suggested we give it a try as it was just down the street from our hotel. Nice little old English pup, kind of dark inside but very pub like. It turned out that tonight they had a Denver Broncos game on the TV and the locals were definitely getting into the game. Unfortunately our waitress, while very sweet was not the beer expert we had hoped. We tried their "Man Beer" which is listed as a IPA and it was tasty, if a little fruity has a nice roasted grain character. Although, in today's world an American IPA should have a little more hop aroma, but I'm a certified hophead so most beers could have more hops. James tried their Saison which he seemed to like just fine, but he admitted that he has not had a bunch of Saisons in the past so he was unsure of how good an example of the style it was. I ordered their "Man Man" beer that is supposed to be a double version of their Man Beer. It was not really very similar to the Man Beer, quite a bit sweeter, which you might expect but not a double dose of hops which I was hoping for. I also tried their Belgian Trippel, a very dark beer served in a special glass. Not what I think of when I think of trippel. To me a trippel should be light in color, a dry finish and a tendency toward a high alcohol finish; this was sweet and slightly roasty.

Well tomorrow is a very special day. We get to spend the day with someone who we all respect very much. I will post clues to the identify of our special guest interview tomorrow. Now it is time to hit the sack as we must get up very early tomorrow to beat the Denver traffic and get to our appointment by 9:00am.

More beer tomorrow!


At 10:03 PM, Blogger Celis Grand Cru said...

Man, you know you're in a beer place when they have double IPA and Saison. I wonder who brews it for them...pretty cool to find a basic pub with that stuff...probably not something you'd find just anyplace. Sounds like they should work on their recipes, but whatever works...


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