Great American Beer Festival 2006

Once again we are going to the GABF. Like last year James Spencer and I are heading to Denver to cover the GABF for his podcast Basic Brewing Radio. We have made contacts and scheduled interviews with some famous names in the brewing world. This year should be even better than last years GABF which was a blast. I plan on blogging and snapping photos with my phone along the way. Come along if you like...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Night two in Denver

Well today was outstanding! We started the day off early, around 5:00
am so that we could make sure we made it up to a spot just north of
Boulder by 9:00. James and I grabbed a quick breakfast and headed
over to Brian's house. After we picked up Brian we drove north out of
Denver and up to Boulder. After we arrived in Boulder we realized
that we where running a bit early for our meeting so we stopped in a
nice little coffee shop called Espressoria. We got our caffeine and
Internet fix and took off again. Not too far outside of Boulder is
where we were scheduled to meet the subject of our interview, Charlie Papazian. We got a quick tour of his place and then set up for the interview. James did a great job, but Charlie is also an excellent subject. After shooting the video for James' video podcast we moved
outside for a nice chat out by a little stream that runs across his property. After leaving Charlie's house we headed north again to the little town of Lyons Colorado where Oskar's Blues Pub and Brewery is located. We had a little lunch and then got a tour of the brewery by
Dale the owner. Wow, what a great bunch of folks, they showed us around and Dale even pulled full unsealed cans of his "Old Chub" Scottish style Ale off the canning line and handed them to us to drink. To get beer fresher than that you might have to make it your self.

Tomorrow is New Belgium brewing company in Fort Collins I can hardly wait.

Until then, cheers-


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